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The ALL NEW Launch - Sit-Down Hydrofoil / Towable Hydrofoil

Sky Ski
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The Launch is a Sit-Down Hydrofoil / Towable Hydrofoil by Ski that probably has the best “bang for the buck” model of hydrofoils in the Sky Ski lineup.  The Launch offers the best combination of performance, value & advanced features.  This advanced model Sky Ski is designed for the experienced hydrofoiler that wants to step up to the next level and get into the really big air tricks.

Launch Tower

  • The Launch comes equipped with the “Launch Tower".  This tower is constructed with aircraft quality 6061 plate aluminum and features an anodized finish, 2" thick seatpad with Traxx surface to keep you secure on the seat, a double locking belt, and ratcheting handles for a sure-grip when tightening the foil.  The Launch Tower is braced and cross braced for superior strength & also has a composite seat plate allowing it to flex on landing providing an extra soft landing. Measures 16-1/4" high at seat pad. Weighs 9.3 lbs


  • Board is made with a high-density, closed-cell foam core and premium fiberglass & carbon fiber materials, then compression molded for optimum strength, durability, and performance. Weighs 10 lbs.


  • The soft, stretchable rubber bindings and comfortable molded EVA footpads ensure a secure and comfortable fit for all different sizes and shapes of feet.  One size fits most.


  • The aluminum foil is made with strength, durability, performance, and ease of use all in mind.  Constructed out of aircraft quality billet aluminum, it is equipped with the Max-Air front & Launch rear wings.  The T-bar is JB welded & bolted together permanently and then polished to a deep shine.  Wet strut length is 39", making it easier to get big air with less effort, and offering up the smoothest of landings. Weighs 14lbs

*Get a free lesson from Geno Yauchler, a Guinness Book World Record holder for hydrofoiling, when you buy a hydrofoil from us!