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Swivel Skis

Swivel Skis Products

Swivel Skis ProductsPro Action Sports carries a wide range of Swivel Skis Products for all of your water sports needs. We have Swivel Skis for all ages and skill levels. Whether you need a Swivel Ski for a show or you just need one for recreation, we have the right Swivel Ski for you!

A swivel ski is a wide, single ski in which the binding platform is mounted on ball bearings. This enables the skier to rotate while the ski is still facing toward the tow boat.

Typically, this sport is performed by women. They incorporate the grace and beauty of dancing into there shows. This is similar to the dance interpretation of figure skating. Swivel skiing is a specialized sport in show skiing. It takes many hours of patience and practice to become proficient at this sport. The ladies at Pro Action Sports pride themselves on helping each other to learn the sport of show skiing.

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