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Geno Yauchler HydrofoilingThe sit-down hydrofoil was first developed in the late 1980s. Hydrofoiling is a water sport and is a variation on water skiing. When towed at high speeds, by a boat, the board of the hydrofoil rises above the water's surface giving the rider the sensation of flying. The ride is largely unaffected by the wake or chop of the water and is generally smooth because the board of the hydrofoil generally avoids contact with the water.

The sit-down hydrofoil consists of three main parts:

  • The Seat (Also Know As The Tower) - This is the part you sit on. It's located above the hydrofoil board. There is a seat-belt that you can use to make sure you and the sit-down hydrofoil don't get separated from each other during the ride.
  • The Board - This is a molded ski. It has two bindings that you attach to your feet so you can control the ride better.
  • Foil Assembly -¬†This is a long strut connected to a fuselage carrying a front wing and a rear wing. The strut is usually around 3 feet long. The front wing is what gives the sit-down hydrofoil its ability to be lifted up above the water. The rear wing is needed to provide stability.

Like any other water sport, hydrofoiling requires a fair amount of specialized gear, and some of it is different from regular water skiing equipment.

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