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About Us

Our Mission

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How We Got Here

Pro Action Sports is located in Winter Haven, Florida and was established in 2005.

Pro Action Sports instructor and owner Geno Yauchler has been a professional water skier for more than 30 years. He and his wife, Angela hold multiple Guinness World Records for various categories in the sport of water skiing and teach their respective disciplines on the Chain of Lakes in Winter Haven, Florida. They also love to do Clinics remotely around the world. Feel free to send us an email for more details or with questions about anything related to water skiing.

Thank you for supporting our passion!

The Pro Action Sports Team

Geno is one of the best coaches in the world. Pro Action Sports welcomes skiers of all ages and skill levels. The best part about coming to Pro Action Sports is that we have a wide range of students from complete beginners to world champions.

You will become part of our family when you come and ski with us! Whether you’re looking to improve your water ski skills or shopping for new equipment, Pro Action Sports has all you need!

Our Products

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Our Goal

  • Sell the best quality hydrofoils and accessories available.
  • Provide personalized customer service & support.
  • Provide a great value