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Angela Swivel Skiing On A Swivel Board/Swivel SkiSwivel water skiing combines the grace and beauty of ballet-like movements with the thrill of executing difficult maneuvers.

The rider uses a wide, flat swivel board/swivel ski with a binding mounted on ball bearings that enable the swivel skier to pivot 360 degrees. This enables the skier to rotate while the ski is still facing toward the towboat.

The swivel skiers' tow line uses a handle with a toehold allowing them to be towed by one foot. The most important piece of equipment for a swivel skier is the safety release which disconnects the skier from the boat should they fall while in the toehold.

Swivel skiers perform turns and tricks while incorporating the grace and beauty of ballet into their routine. In this water sport, the athletes are like ballerinas on water.

Like any other water sport, swivel water skiing requires a fair amount of specialized gear including a swivel board/swivel ski. Some swivel ski equipment is different from regular water skiing equipment.

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