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Mike Barefoot SkiingBarefoot skiing, also known as barefooting, is a water sport that involves skiing barefoot on the water without the use of water skis. Barefoot skiing is much faster in nature than regular water skiing. Barefooting originated in Florida but is also practiced in many parts of the world.

Competitive barefoot skiing consist of three main types of events, which are:

  • Tricks –Barefoot skiers are required to perform as many tricks as they can in two 15-second runs. Each trick is awarded points based on the degree of difficulty. Points are also awarded for the start trick performed by the rider to get up on their feet.
  • Slalom – Barefooters are required to cross the wake as many times as possible in two 15-second runs. Skiers can cross the wake on one or two foot, in either forward or backward direction.
  • Jump – Barefoot skiers are required to jump using a takeoff ramp and the objective is to travel as far as possible and land perfectly on their feet. Each skier gets three attempts and the one to jump the farthest is the winner.

Like any other water sport, barefoot water skiing requires a fair amount of specialized gear, and some of it is different from regular water skiing equipment.

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